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Skin Institute Medical Imaging


Clinic Pics makes it easy to capture high-quality before and after photos and place them directly in the patient’s procedure section. As their treatment plan continues, you can create side-by-side comparisons with earlier visits to show their progress

Clinic Pics can restrict the photo access to authorized device and location only. This improves the security on user access to patient's confidential information.

Create a procedure under the patient and capture the images. Obtain patient concern for every procedure.

Images are encrypted and stored on a HIPAA compliant cloud. All the images are stored with a metadata of the patients.

Patient images can be viewed on any device within the organization. Images comparison, annotation and analysis.




Medical Imaging


Skin institute like many smaller clinical business had relied on traditional options like using and SLR camera and iPads with the built in camera roll. Some of the main issues encountered were. 1. Missing cables for devices. 2. Flat camera batteries. 3. Damaged cameras and micro usb cables. 5. Issues with downloading images to PC's. 6. Issues with uploading images to the cloud. 7. Issues with image meta tags and organisation. 8. Issue with viewing and sharing the images online. 9. Issues with searching for images. 10. Lost images. 11. Matching the images to the patient records. 12. Security.


All of the initial challenges were resolved by building an image application platform the best suited the business.

We built a fully standalone mobile iPad and iPhone application.

Integrated office 365 single Sign on for ease of use and security.

Connected the businesses patient management system through the implementation of an API component. Now they can choose the correct patients before taking photos and make sure they are in one place with meta tags.

Built a web application for them to view the patient photos online, edit and share and use for side by side comparisons fro the patients.

Implemented HIPA compliance and multiple levels of user based security and a managers login as well as the ability to add new user and devices.

They were so happy with the product we decided to release it the public

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