Everyone always expects IT to be working smoothly. However, with the IT team also performing daily operations and managing other routine tasks, their time is stretched, and they may not be able to focus on delivering real business value.

Your IT and infrastructure need to be constantly managed to ensure optimal performance. We can handle all that and more for you. We can supplement teams that are unable to meet the demand, or we can lighten the workload of your in-house teams and tailor an IT service that suits your business. We can offer the infrastructure, resources and technical expertise that allows for swift and secure implementations of your plans.

Let Optimyze manage your user issues, handle your core IT systems, and fix any technical problems. Our managed IT services typically include:

Remote Monitoring & Management of Infrastructure & Hardware

Configuration, Management, & Monitoring of Cloud Services

Security Services

Communications Support



The estimated cost of managed IT services can depend on a variety of factors, hence why there are different pricing models. In the case of Optimyze, we make use of the “all you can eat” pricing model.

Clients are offered an almost unlimited range of proactive IT services for a fixed monthly price. This helps get rid of any complexity as it simplifies the roster of service packages that are available.

With Optimyze, you are assured of high-quality IT services and an unlimited amount of support at a fixed price per month. There is a certainty in the price and doesn’t fluctuate. The predictability of the cost allows you to be able to better budget for your IT expenses. It also allows for transparency which means you no longer need to worry about any price shocks.

However, additional charges can still apply when the circumstances call for it.

Why Optimyze?

Why is managing and optimizing your IT important? There are several benefits that it can bring such as:

Increased Efficiency in The Workplace

There is an increase in workplace efficiency when your IT has been optimized. It reduces any errors, allowing you to quickly deliver projects and releases.

Easy Improvement & Growth

When IT services are at their optimal performance, the business functions as intended, and productivity and revenue are made intact. With Optimyze, we can help your business always be on track and allow for exceptional growth and improvement.

Help Customers Better

One of the goals of every company is to be able to serve the customers as best as they can. An optimal IT service helps your business become more effective. Operations start working more smoothly and customer demands are met a lot more easily, resulting in increased satisfaction.


Free Consultation

Click here to book a free consultation! We can help determine your strengths and highlight the gaps in your current IT network.

You can trust us to deliver exceptional service, as our team is made up of highly qualified technicians who are experts in Microsoft, Dell, and AWS cloud platforms. Not to mention, they have had years of experience creating fully customized IT environments for different businesses, across different industries.

Once we have thoroughly assessed your business, we will send you strategic recommendations that detail the specific IT solutions that should be implemented if you aim for optimum performance and results.

The consultation will provide you with the following:

A road map that shows your IT solutions and cloud spending can be in line with your business objectives

A visual of the project implications related to infrastructure, governance, or security requirements

Evidence of how your existing infrastructure and previous investments can complement your future projects

A clear business case that can be presented to stakeholders and will be able to showcase due diligence at the project proposal phase

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