Security risks are becoming more and more widespread online, and cybercriminals are continually devising new ways to target your systems. These factors have the potential to ruin your business and harm your credibility. Are you constantly trying to find new ways to ensure your crucial data security?

Cyber threats can be viewed in two ways: as a source of vulnerability, danger, and expenditure, or as a driver of transformation. The key is your confidence in the resiliency of your strategy and the support you have behind your IT infrastructure.

Luckily, we provide the most precious component in today's cybersecurity: confidence. Combat the horror of the unpredictable with effective, time-tested preventative strategies.

To deliver end-to-end cybersecurity services, we combine a business-focused perspective, sector-specific experience, innovative technology, and thousands of trained individuals. Working with the right partners, we develop a plan to detect and totally eliminate security threats before they pose a danger to your system.


Email Security

Email attacks are the most common form of delivering threats to enterprises, demanding a variety of security procedures to ensure any email does not hurt your business. This is why email security is an important element to consider.

While current regulations such as GDPR are raising awareness among organizations about the data they store and its cybersecurity, we provide a number of highly secured options to keep your email secure. With our automated email security services, you can rest assured that your network is always safe and protected.

Our email security services also prevent spam and viruses from entering your network. Ultimately, we ensure that your network is constantly up-to-date and reliable by combining email security with an information security program to collaborate with our customers on email and password protection.

Our email security solutions are compatible with a wide range of email service platforms. Contact us if you want better access and control over the cybersecurity of your inbox, as well as the ability to detect highly advanced, targeted email threats.

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Multi Factor Authentication

Attackers have always used user login information to gain access to vital systems. To make matters worse, authentication based just on usernames and passwords is unreliable and cumbersome.

Passwords provide inadequate protection due to the ease with which they can be obtained through hacking, phishing, and spyware. Furthermore, many users reuse passwords across websites and pick passwords that are too simple.

As companies digitize operations and carry increased responsibility for maintaining consumer data, implementing an effective method of authenticating user identity has become critical.

This is where multi-factor authentication (MFA) comes into play. It adds an extra step to the login process without making it more difficult. Because passwords are insufficient for proving identification, attackers will have a more difficult time gaining access to one's system.

MFA has been integrated into the security settings of many operating systems and service providers. Obviously, you should not allow yourself to fall behind. Because MFA protects systems from unauthorized users, it can save you from the expensive costs of hacking and phishing assaults.

End Point Security

Endpoint security has come a long way. From uncomplicated antivirus software, it is now capable of providing comprehensive protection against complex malware and emerging threats. It is widely perceived as the forefront of cybersecurity, and it is among the first areas organizations strive to safeguard at all costs.

This service adds an extra layer of cybersecurity protection by directly putting solutions on devices such as servers and workstations. When it detects a threat on an endpoint, it can halt an assault in its path, playing an active role in minimizing and resolving threats harming an organization's endpoints.

When you consider the potential cost, the expense of reallocating resources, and the real financial impact of compliance breaches, it's obvious to see why endpoint defense systems have become considered essential components of a cybersecurity solution.

Optimyze provides a comprehensive set of business solutions that combine effective endpoint security with efficient endpoint administration. With such a solution, users may stay productive and connected while preventing zero-day attacks from infecting the first endpoint.


Security Awareness Training

Train team members on security awareness to keep your company safe. From phishing, malvertising, malware, and malware attacks to ransomware assaults and authentication systems, your employees are high-value candidates for malicious attackers.

Our Security Awareness Training solution provides timely and up-to-date cybersecurity awareness training. It assists IT, security, and regulatory leaders in developing a cyber-aware culture in which employees understand and avoid becoming victims of cyber attacks.

We assist in protecting your business and reducing online threats by raising user awareness of the methods and hazards meant to harm your organization. The program also aids in meeting regulatory or industry compliance training requirements for compliance-sensitive enterprises.

Prevent the financial and business consequences of personnel errors and poor decision-making immediately! Create a security-compliant culture in which your employees understand the importance of data privacy and security and are driven to safeguard personally identifiable information and many other critical materials.

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A firewall in a computer network works as a barrier to prevent unwanted entry into the network, similar to how a fire-resistant wall helps keep fires from expanding in a structure.

Metadata flowing in and out of your systems opens the door for attackers to undermine your operations. Firewalls secure your systems by analyzing and monitoring network traffic and applying predefined rules and filters.

Firewalls were designed to safeguard on-premises enterprise networks, but as more businesses migrated their applications and data to the cloud, firewalls had to adapt. Now, a firewall as a service is available as a component of a company's cloud environment.

You may manage your levels of security with a well-developed Firewall solution based on what you see moving in and out of your network. With the rise of security breaches and cyber criminals holding systems captive, firewalls have become even more crucial in preventing hackers from getting unwanted access to your data, messages, servers, and other information.

Why Optimyze?

Security is critical for two very basic reasons. First, our identities are increasingly online. From lending institutions to our working places, we are continuing to live online. Second, all of the supply chain operations that keep us alive are managed by digital technology.

The consequences of significant data breaches require more than simply changing your password on a regular basis. This means that attackers are focusing on the technology that defines and supports our lives.

Our cybersecurity services portfolio comprises both strategic and consultative services, as well as a variety of analysis and testing services. Working directly with you, we personalize a strategic plan that matches up with your business objectives now and into the future.


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