Intrahealth Profile

Intrahealth Profile Patient Management

Intrahealth Profile A purpose-built EMR/EHR that enables organizations to streamline the delivery of complex healthcare programs and improve clinical outcomes. Ideal for enterprise organisations with complex workflows, multiple programs, and/or multiple sites. We've been working with Intrahealth and Profile for over 15 years. Building and maintaining the back end databases and assisting with configuration of the front end. We've also implement scores of other projects with profile.


Zenoti Cloud Salon Software

Zenoti - Appointments & Bookings, Billing & Payments, Marketing, Inventory, POS, Mobile Apps & more. Trusted by 20K Salon Businesses in Over 50 Countries. Zenoti is the most complete growth software for salons, making it effortless for owners and franchisors to manage and grow their business from anywhere. Optimized online scheduling, streamlined check-in, social media integrations, personalized marketing campaigns, intuitive analytics, and so much more. We helped create a chain of Salon stores in Westfield malls that used Zenoti. We built an iPad based imaging platform to work along side Zenoti to integrate with the Zenoti patient database. We also delivered the entire store setup as 100% cloud based! From Music, to Security, to Digital Signage.


Actionstep Cloud Legal Software

Actionstep - Actionstep is a cloud-based legal practice management software for law firms and compliance-focused businesses. Actionstep is built to be a comprehensive practice management software with features for workflow automation as well as automatic document generation. We know Actionstep because many of our Law clients use it. In fact we've support it so much, we decided to be come Actionstep Partners. Ask us anything you like from migration to configuration, we can help with it all.


Xero Cloud Accounting Software

Xero - Join 3 million subscribers, keep on top of SMB cash flow & get paid faster. Detailed Payroll Reports. Flexible Pricing. Invoice Creation. Bulk invoice customers. Healthy Cash Flow. Cashflow. Collaborate on payroll. Simple to Use. Accounts & Payroll. Built-in timesheets. Xero is a New Zealand–based technology company that provides cloud-based accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses. The company has offices in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Xero come from our home country and we use it as our own Accounting platform of choice for NZ, AU, UK & the USA. So i guess you could call us expert users. But we can go further than that as our partners are certified PSP (Xero Practice Studio Partner) for Accounting firms wanting to move onto Xero Practice Manager. A PSP is to provide guidance on implementation and managing the change ensures a smooth implementation that gives you the best setup for your firm.


Netsuite Cloud ERP

Netsuite - Spend Less Time on Admin, More Time Growing Your Business with NetSuite ERP. Real-Time Data. 100% Cloud Platform. Free Product Tours. One Unified Suite. It's the leading integrated cloud business software suite for enterprise resource planning. It helps you manage inventory, track financials, host e-commerce stores and maintain customer relationship management systems. We been working with Netsuite for over a decade and if theres any integration or issue you have that we cant cover, then we have a long standing partner who can.


Lastpass Cloud Password Management

LastPass - is a password manager application owned by GoTo. The standard version of LastPass comes with a web interface, but also includes plugins for various web browsers and apps for many smartphones. It also includes support for bookmarklets. We use last pass as your main choice for storing business passwords as the app can work across a company utilising a team framework. We keep our One time passwords and codes in a separate app '1Password' for extra security. We know both applications inside and out, and can help implement this as a solution into any business.


ProofPoint Email Filtering

Proofpoint - helps protect people, data and brands against cyber attacks. Offering compliance and cybersecurity solutions for email filtering, web, cloud, and more. We use it for email filtering in our business and know it intimately so can help with any integration.


Xodosign Cloud Document Management

Xodo Sign (formerly eversign)- is an electronic signature platform that enables you to sign and approve digital documents, streamlining business processes with legally binding validation, whether at the office, at home, or in the field. The software is an ideal solution for all business types and sizes, including startups, expanding enterprises, and huge corporations that are looking to graduate from traditional practices and transition to electronic and paperless ways to close deals, certify approvals, and more. We use it and think you should too. We know it well and can easily integrate it into your business workflow.


Swipedon Cloud Visitor Management

SwipedOn - Looking for a simple yet effective workplace sign in system? SwipedOn is awarded as the easiest to implement and use for visitors & employees. We've implemented this solution many times for business of all types. Talk to us about how we can help integrate a workplace sign on - system into your business.