Optimyze can help you flawlessly upgrade, implement, and maintain 3CX solutions. 3CX is definitely one of the top performers across all business phone systems and cloud communication platforms. And that is all because it perfectly brings about unified communications, CRM integration, live chat, web conferencing, and more.

Optimyze offers premium network quality, functionality, and reliability, and our technicians are all 3CX-certified. We know the 3CX technology like the back of our hand, and with our services, you can rest easy knowing that it will perform at its best. You can expect seamless calls, consistent quality, and full 3CX functionality.

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Why 3CX?

What sets 3CX apart is its pricing model. You can add as many users as you’d like depending on the size of your company for the same cost for as long as you don’t go beyond your call threshold limit. This is a perfect option for companies with multiple employees but low call usage.

Also, 3CX has a distinct feature called the CFD or Call Flow Designer. This allows you to create complex calls flows with no scripting or programming required. You can route calls depending on the day, direct calls depending on the client input, set up a voice payment gateway, and more.

Using the 3CX support phone system, you can save up to 80% on telephone bills and maximize sales by managing and configuring devices easily. You can boost clients’ trust with CRM integration and make the most of Web RTC, SIP trunks, free calling for remote extensions, and more. Maximize 3CX’s flexibility and efficiency with Networkx’s 3CX Consulting and Managed PBX Services.

3CX Consulting

We focus on end-to-end management system implementations and help customers design, plan, execute, and maintain their management systems. We support clients far and wide, especially those with call center businesses, customer services, and helpdesks. We offer custom packages and make a variety of features and functions available including call queues, call recording, ring groups, call reporting, SLA alerts, switchboards, click to call, hot desking, customized call flows, and more. Talk to our seasoned 3CX consultants here at Optimyze, and we are sure to meet any and all of your 3CX requirements.

Managed PBX

We’ll manage and maintain the entire PBX on your behalf. You then no longer have to think about the upfront cost of installation, equipment, etc. For a flat monthly fee, we can offer Managed PBX services based on the number of lines or phones you need. We’ll take care of all the configuration, upgrading, updating, and IT troubleshooting. You no longer have to hire a team in-house to take care of all these for you as you can save time and money with our reliable Managed PBX solutions. We have been in the industry for years, and we’ll make sure there are no communications system failures that can get in the way of your crucial business operations. Enjoy efficiency and peace of mind with Optimyze Managed PBX.


Managed PBX plans

Secure dedicated IT resources without having to think about IT support. We will ease all warranty, maintenance, and support burdens and offer affordable Managed PBX plans

Inquire to request a Fast Quote. We support organizations of all shapes and sizes. Allow us to help you upgrade and scale without breaking the bank. We guarantee 24/7 monitoring and technical support, and we offer comprehensive PBX solutions.

Why Optimyze?

3CX offers multi-channel communication in one place. No need to switch between systems, apps, and web browser tabs. All customer interactions can take place in one interface. 3CX also supports various IP phone and headset vendors. Businesses can then freely pick the hardware they need or upgrade to new models if necessary. Routing calls is made so much easier as well as powerful call distribution among agents. Businesses can even easily keep track of agent performance with built-in analytics and reports. Global communication is made so much easier with 3CX.

Rely on Networkx to set it all up for you. We help businesses maximize the best-in-class technologies to streamline their operations and maximize their productivity and revenue.


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