Optimyze can help you secure reliable and fast network connectivity with our Managed Broadband Services. We ensure that you maximize your uptime and avoid network interruptions at all costs.

We handle your entire primary and secondary networking infrastructure remotely, and we offer commissioning, remote monitoring, and management 24/7.

Say goodbye to downtime, outages, and follow-ups. Optimyze is here to meet your network and IT requirements while keeping full security capabilities in mind. We can also develop robust backup solutions to offer complete peace of mind.


Why Optimyze?

Optimyze will take care of all of your broadband needs—from researching and choosing the fastest and most cost-effective internet service to provisioning the broadband service to your chosen site, you no longer have to think about this department, and you can better focus on the other more important aspects of your business. Instead of receiving multiple billings from various ISPs across all locations, we will manage all that for you and you will just receive one billing for all of your sites. We will monitor your network round the clock to ensure that there is no downtime and no loss of productivity and revenue.

Should there be hiccups, we will make sure that the network goes back online as soon as possible. We will also be sending you uptime reports, so you can know where you stand connectivity-wise.

Managed Broadband

If you want higher bandwidth at a reasonable cost, we’ll make it happen for you. We offer enterprise-grade services even in hard-to-reach remote locations. Even if you need only temporary connectivity solutions for seasonal kiosks, new site launches, or buildout needs, we can also come to your rescue. We can also help you maximize 5G capabilities to make your business future-ready.


Broadband Pricing?

Pay only for the broadband you actually use and better take care of cost management with our flexible broadband pricing model.

Request Consultation today, so we can recommend the most effective and cost-efficient broadband plan for you. Tap our IT and networking expertise without having to hire more staff. We can provide and monitor the services you require and troubleshoot when necessary. The last thing that you want is to have your business operations disrupted by network problems, and that is where Optimyze comes in. Contact us today to tap our high-quality Managed Broadband services.

Why Optimyze?

With Optimyze, rest assured that your broadband will be tailored to your needs. We will monitor your connectivity round the clock and have IT support at the ready whenever you encounter connectivity issues. Uptime and usage reporting is also available, and any of your internet issues will be dealt with quickly and efficiently. You can ensure a dedicated connection to enjoy high bandwidth consistently. This also makes for better data security. Should you decide to scale, we have the flexibility to meet your evolving broadband needs.

Premium connectivity is no longer an option in today’s digitally driven business landscape. A stable and high-quality connection is already a must, and Optimyze is here to offer that and more.



Contact us today to learn more about our pricing and services. We are always ready to offer our Managed Broadband services to both SMEs and large businesses across all verticals. Consider us as a cost-effective extension of your company and expect dedicated IT and broadband support 24/7. Get in touch and let’s upgrade your bandwidth today!

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