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Optimyze Revolutionizes IT Infrastructure for Mint Innovation


Client Background:

Mint Innovation is a pioneering biotechnology company specializing in sustainable technology solutions for bio mining and recycling of electronic waste. With a vision to establish recycled technology bio mining plants across the USA and beyond, Mint Bioscience embarked on a transformative journey that required a robust and agile IT infrastructure to support its ambitious goals.



As Mint Innovation sought to expand its operations and geographic footprint, it faced significant challenges with its existing IT infrastructure:

  • Inadequate IT Support: The reliance on a small IT provider led to slow response times and limited capabilities, hindering Mint Innovation's agility and operational efficiency.
  • Security Vulnerabilities: With the increasing digitization of sensitive data and intellectual property, Mint Bioscience recognized the need for enhanced security measures to safeguard its proprietary technology and research.
  • Geographically Dispersed Operations: Managing IT systems across multiple locations in New Zealand and Australia, as well as an expanding international presence, posed logistical complexities and scalability challenges.


Solution: Optimyze Managed IT Services

Optimyze, a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP) renowned for its expertise in delivering tailored IT solutions, partnered with Mint Innovation to address its IT challenges and support its growth trajectory:

  • Exceptional Response Times: Optimyze replaced the existing IT provider, offering Mint rapid response times and round-the-clock support to address any IT issues promptly, ensuring minimal disruption to operations.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security: Recognizing the critical importance of data security in the biotechnology sector, Optimyze implemented robust security protocols, including advanced firewalls, encryption, and threat detection systems. This fortified Mint Bioscience's network against cyber threats and ensured compliance with industry regulations.
  • Network Management: Optimyze assumed responsibility for managing Mints entire network infrastructure, including fiber connections, international WAN, WiFi access points, and firewalls. This centralized approach to network management optimized performance, reliability, and security across all locations.
  • PC Management: Optimyze extended its services to manage all PCs within Mint's operations in New Zealand and Australia, ensuring consistent performance, security, and compliance standards.
  • Expansion Support: Recognizing Mint's ambitious plans to establish recycled technology bio mining plants across the USA and beyond, Optimyze committed to partnering with them on this journey. By leveraging its expertise in scalable IT solutions, Optimyze will support Mint Innovations's expansion with tailored IT infrastructure and support services.


Through its partnership with Optimyze, Mint achieved significant improvements in its IT capabilities and operational efficiency:

  • Enhanced Responsiveness: Optimyze's swift response times and proactive support minimized downtime and optimized productivity, enabling Mint  to focus on its core objectives.
  • Improved Security: Optimyze's implementation of enterprise-grade security measures provided Mint with peace of mind, ensuring the protection of its valuable intellectual property and research data.
  • Streamlined Operations: The centralized management of IT systems and automation of internal processes enhanced operational efficiency, enabling Mint to scale its operations seamlessly.
  • Prepared for Expansion: With Optimyze's support, Mint is well-equipped to embark on its journey to establish recycled technology bio mining plants across the USA and beyond, confident in its IT infrastructure's scalability and reliability.


Optimyze's partnership with Mint Innovation exemplifies the transformative impact of proactive and tailored managed IT services in empowering organizations to achieve their strategic objectives. By leveraging Optimyze's expertise and cutting-edge technologies, Mint is poised for sustained growth and success as a leader in sustainable biotechnology solutions.


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